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Now Rand (Seriously) Knows Who I am (and he doesn’t seem pleased…)

Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Featured Posts, Funny SEO Moments | 16 comments

Remember my post Funny SEO Moment: Rand Fishkin From SEOMoz Acknowledges my Existence!


Well, I finally got him to know I exist… Not sure it’s a good thing though :(

It all started when I decided to comment on his excellent Whiteboard Friday published May 31st, on Comment Marketing as an Inbound Tactic

This was my comment (See Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video or transcript hyperlinked above for reference, and feel free to skip the following comment :)):

Hey Rand! I imagine that you no longer read the comments at this point, but I hope you read mine, maybe you’d find it surprising :) I got to this post after a usual day of marking many of the comments I get on my blog as spam, with bad english, unrelated to what the post was actually trying to convey, and with the perfect anchor text (totally unrelated) to top it all :) I was a little concerned that your post might encourage these people to continue with their spammy ways… But I have to say that I really hope that they watched this video :)  Now that I have a blog, that’s like my 2nd baby (I am SEOMom.org :)), I’m very picky about which comments I approve, and those I do approve have the exact elements you have described.

Going for small niche blogs to comment on is perfect, as an SEO, I mean, I own a small niche blog, and if someone is looking to get a link from a comment, you’re all welcome! But you’ll have to prove that you read my post and have something relevant to say about it :) (what can I say, I’m picky!). “Loved your website & reviews” is not going to cut it since I have no reviews… I loved the tactic of writing a critique, or an original angle. I think that my url is a statement on it’s own… (mentioned above) and you, Rand, definitely star on it :) I ocasionally publish my critique of Whiteboard Friday, like I did for the one about the Penguin Update. Since you had no transcript on that one, I used the opportunity to provide a transcript + critique (hyperlink at will :))
http://www.seomom.org/seomoz-whiteboard-on-googles-penguin-update-transcript-conclusions/. And another fun post I did is when I thought you were wishing me a happy birthday :)http://www.seomom.org/funny-seo-moment-rand-fishkin-from-seomoz-acknowledges-my-existence/Coming back to me being an SEO, I’m really glad you wrote this, because i put comments to rest a long time ago, when it comes to promoting my brands… It’s time to rethink this, and you provided the best tools to do it.You have until November to wish me a real happy birthday :)

In order to make sure he knows my blog and my unconventional views, I also posted my comment on SEOMoz’s Google Plus Page, on that same post. And… I got him to acknowledge my existence (+got a few more comments too…), But I don’t think he got my particular sense of humor :(

I guess I’ve learned a few lessons here…

  1. Google Plus is a powerful tool to interact up-close and personal with brands, but I guess I knew that already
  2. Be careful what you wish for…
  3. (and very naive) Not all people get my sense of humor
  4. People (as in the others who commented) should learn to let some things go… (See Ronnie’s comment above)
  5. You should do your homework better when choosing a domain name.

So what now?

  • Frankly, I don’t really know how to comment on this, SEOMom seemed so natural and original to me, being an SEO, a mom, and a big fan of SEOMoz, so it’s me + a sort of a tribute all wrapped up into one, so I never bothered checking if someone under that username already existed… I guess I’m not that original :( I meant no disrespect towards Rand or his highly respectable Mom. I’m just a little blog that wanted to bring that extra something refreshing to the very conventional SEO blogsphere.
  • When I purchased the domain, .com was taken, but I never thought much about it, .coms are usually taken… but then when the Twitter & FB usernames were taken, I got suspicious that I might have an alter-ego… and suddenly I discovered Rand’s Tweet wishing SEOMom a happy birthday, but it wasn’t mine…
  • I visited the original SEOMom’s Website, Rand’s Mom & Founder of SEOMoz, Gillian Muessig, and didn’t really see a trademark, but I did conduct a search in the US Patent Office Website and discovered that

    it is not patented

    SEOMom not on the list!


There will probably be more comments on that thread, but I feel I must reply. What would be the best way to do that? I would really appreciate your feedback


So this was my last comment on the subject, I’m hoping to leave this behind me and continue doing good & Interesting SEO blogging, it’s important for me to stress that I had no motives, 100% pure intentions, I don’t represent anyone, and I didn’t start this blog to make a profit. I started it because SEO inspires me. I will also do everything I can on my blog to differentiate.

Please stop suggesting a lawsuit, I won’t let it get to that, worst case, I’ll change my domain, as I said in my comment

See Rand’s comment in the comment section :) Thank you for being such a sport. And thank you all for your supporting comments, that’s why I’m doing all this!


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  1. Ronnie Bincer

    Hi it’s me. The guy that wished you a happy Birthday and also posed the question re. your .org conflicting with someone’s Mom (.com).

    Trademark? Why was the .org for sale? I wonder if a lawyer needs to be consulted, but since you could purchase the .org doesn’t it make logical sense that you have the right to use it?

    If she really wanted to protect the SEOMom name, shouldn’t she have purchased the .org, .info, .biz, .whatever?

  2. Barak

    Dont listen to people who “dont know if they registerd their trademark” .. bla bla.
    You should give him a finger. Trademark is not giving you the rights for all domains with its name,
    Each country has its own legal notes about it.
    Its remaind me all the spammi mails from china – “someone asked to buy domain with your compeny name … Please send us some money and will save it for you …”

  3. Yair

    Just ask him if he’d like you to change your name.
    He’s a nice guy – just tell him that you had no idea (BTW – his mom is well known as SEO Mom – in fact, when I saw your comment on SEO Moz, at first I thought that it was from her).

    • Yair

      When I wrote my previous comment, I had not read your response to Rand.
      I like what you have written and think that you are a class act.

    • SEOMom

      You are right Yair :) He is a really nice guy, and he actually commented on my blog, something I find unbelievable. I didn’t know his mom until this point, I know her now, and I have nothing but respect. I will add a few mentions on my blog to differentiate between us. Thanks so much for your comment :)

  4. Rand Fishkin

    Hi Orit – my apologies! Did not mean any offense. Since Gillian’s not trademarked the name, I’m guessing you’re welcome to use it. I sometimes write comments quickly due to being in a rush, so sorry if the reply on Google+ came off wrong.

    • SEOMom

      Hi Rand!
      I feel honored that you have commented on my little blog, and referred to my comment :)
      Thank you so much! My intentions are truly pure and I’m a really big fan, wouldn’t want to do anything to offend you or Gillian.
      I chose SEOMom because it describes me perfectly, and I was so happy about “being so original” I didn’t even bother looking, and that’s really naive in the Internet world. I’ve always been a fan of your work, and now that I’ve seen Gillian’s blog I see it runs in the family :) in there are any objections to my usage of the domain from your part or Gillian’s, please do not hesitate to tell me and I’ll find a more suitable solution.

      • Gillian

        Hi Orit,
        As I am stepping down as President of SEOmoz, I will be moving on to other things. I neither trademarked the nickname, nor did I reserve the .net or .org or other iterations of SEOmom.
        I wish you all the best!

        • SEOMom

          Thank you so much for commenting on my Blog and putting my concerns to rest, Gillian, I really appreciate it and admire you for it :) I wish you all the luck in the world on your new path :)

  5. jasa seo

    Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment (it was super long)
    so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any suggestions for rookie blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

    • SEOMom

      Just write things that would interest people, use link bait, infographics, and genuinely good content with added value for your readers. Also, fun and casual content also works, depending on who you’re writing for. I hope you really needed tips and not just commented for the link, approved either way :) Good luck!